Invitation message from the Chairman of Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues and friends,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in APAITO 2018, the 3rd Scientific Meeting of Asia-Pacific Association of Image Guided Therapy in Oncology, that is going to be held in Hong Kong from 22nd to 24th of June.

Image guided therapy is known as the 4th pillar of cancer therapy. Advances in treatment could be life changing for cancer patients. APAITO 2018 is an international conference where introduction of new treatment concepts and technologies in image guided therapy, interchange of experiences and ideas, and building up of collaborative relationships can take place.

Through lectures by esteemed speakers and video demonstrations by masters of the art, a highly selective program designed by a distinguished Scientific Committee will be delivered to cover from concepts to technical know-hows of various treatment approaches and techniques

I invite you to mark your diary and register for APAITO 2018. Looking forward to meeting you.

Simon Chun Ho Yu
Simon Chun Ho Yu Professor

Professor Simon Yu

Conference Directors
Pei Hong Wu - Professor - CHINA
Simon Chun Ho Yu - Professor - HONG KONG
Hyunchul Rhim - Professor - KOREA
Alex Tang - Doctor - MALAYSIA
Organizing Committee
Simon Chun Ho Yu - Professor - HONG KONG(Chairman)
Rickie Lik Fai Cheng - Professor - HONG KONG
Philip Chong Hei Kwok - Professor - HONG KONG
Simon Sin Man Wong - Doctor - HONG KONG
Ivan Yiu Chung Wong - Doctor - HONG KONG
Scientific Committee
Simon Chun Ho Yu - Professor - HONG KONG(Chairman)
Yasuaki Arai - Professor - JAPAN
Jung Hwan Baek - Professor - KOREA
Kevin Yu Fan Cheng - Professor - TAIWAN
Yi Hong Chou - Professor - TAIWAN
Jin Wook Chung - Professor - KOREA
Wei Jun Fan - Professor - CHINA
Xiao Kun Hu - Professor - CHINA
Jia Ping Li - Professor - CHINA
Ping Liang - Professor - CHINA
Zhi Qiang Meng - Professor - CHINA
Li Zhi Niu - Professor - CHINA
Hyunchul Rhim - Professor - KOREA
Alex Tang - Doctor - MALAYSIA
Pei Hong Wu - Professor - CHINA
Bo Zhai - Professor - CHINA
Fu Jun Zhang- Professor - CHINA
Supporting Organization
The Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists HONG KONG
The Hong Kong Radiographer’s Association HONG KONG
Hong Kong Society of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery HONG KONG
Hong Kong Society of Interventional Radiology HONG KONG
Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff HONG KONG

The Asia-Pacific Association of Image-guided Therapy in Oncology (APAITO) was registered in Hong Kong in 2013 with the following objectives:

  1. To provide, carry out, invest on an academic study and an avenue for the exchange of research on Image-guided Therapy to improve its effectiveness in cancer treatment;
  2. To promote the study of the art, science, and practice of Image-guided Therapy in Oncology;
  3. To facilitate the exchange of ideas in the field of Image-guided Therapy in Oncology through scientific meetings and by personal contacts among different specialties;
  4. To develop, arrange, fund, administer, negotiate and operate activities, programs and facilities to provide assistance, education, training, courses, consultance services, jobs to achieve the above objects;
  5. In furtherance of the objects of the Association and not otherwise, to collaborate with the commercial sectors, commercial entities companies, and non-governmental organization and/or government/academic sectors to promote and carry out the above objects.

List of Directors